50+ Indian websites hacked by King_HaXor

Pak Haxors Crew 50+ Indian websites hacked and defaced by the pakistani hacker with pseudo King_HaXor from Pakistan Haxors Crew as a payback attack. List of the hacked sites belong to different Indian server. It seems that hacker managed get into different server and defaced the sites. I hacked Indians sites because of indians hackers continuously hacking paki […] Continue reading →

PC World Philippines website hacked by 4ntipatika

4ntipatika PC World Philippines Website hacked and defaced by 4ntipatika from Pinoy Vendetta. The website (www.pcworld.com.ph) is still defaced, at the time of writing. PC World - a technology website for the Philippines that offer technology news, reviews has been hacked and defaced by 4ntipatika - the founder of Pinoy Vendetta, according to PinoyHackNews. Upon visiting the […] Continue reading →

Goa Government Server hacked by Pakistani Hacker H4x0r HuSsY

Gov server hacked Indian Government Server belonging to Goa State has hacked and defaced by the famous Pakistani hacker with pseudo H4x0r HuSsY.Deface Page: A total of 15 websites with subdomains defaced by the hacker belonging Indian state Goa. The hacked sites include NRI Commission of Goa, Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of Art and Culture, Department of Information and Publicity, Directorate […] Continue reading →

India declined Snowden asylum request

Edward_Snowden India refused to grant political asylum to American whistleblower Edward Snowden. India is one out of 19 countries where political asylum for Snowden is filed by Sarah Harrison, legal advisor of Wikileaks. “Our embassy in Moscow did receive a communication dated 30 June from Mr Edward Snowden. That communication did contain a request for asylum, […] Continue reading →

Snowden requested for political asylum in Russia, and later withdrew the request to continue leaks

US NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden request for political asylum in Moscow, Russia but withdrew the asylum request later after being urged to stop anti American activity by the Russian President, according to a Russian President spokesperson. According to spokesperson Peskov, “Russia does not relinquish political asylum seekers to countries with the death penalty.” “Snowden did […] Continue reading →