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Top 10 Must Watch Movies for Hackers

Hackers 1996 Normally people watch movies for entertainment purposes. Some people watch movies to get inspired. Movies on Hacking or Hackers life are rarely directed. However, we compiled a list of movies that are based on Hacking, Social engineering and Espionage. The movie listed below are the top 10 hacking motivational and inspirational movies for hackers/security people. […] Continue reading →

Pakistan Ministry of Interior( Gets Hacked by Anonymous Hackers, Protests Fake Elections

Interior Ministry Pakistan Hacked Today, Pakistan Ministry of Interior has been hacked and defaced by some unknown hackers on the Defence Day of Pakistan. Attack anatomy is unkonwn, but its clear that hacker successfully managed to hack into the Server of Interior Ministry and defaced the index of the site. The hacker mocked at the Interior Minister (Ch Nisar […] Continue reading →

OpPakistan: Official Web Portal of Pakistan( hacked by Anonymous Hackers in support of Peaceful Protesters

pakistan gov hacked by anonymous The official web portal of Pakistan( has been hacked by Anonymous Hackers in support of peaceful protesters under the operation called “OpPakistan“. Anatomy of attack is unknown. It seems that hackers managed to get database access by exploiting SQL Injection flaw on the web application and changed the content of the website. The hacker changed the content […] Continue reading →

#OpisraelBirthday - Educational Websites and Govt Emails Hacked By AnonGhost

opisraelbirthday AnonGhost, the hacktivists who are famous for Cyber Operations against Israel and also famous for OpUSA and #opPetrol has hacked and defaced Israeli educational and govt websites under the banner #OpIsraelBirthday. #OpIsraelBirthday is planned on 7 April 2014, by AnonGhost team to hit Israeli cyber space. This is not the first operation launched against Israel […] Continue reading →

Anonymous Kashmir hacks Delhi Education Board website, Protests against Indian Brutality in Kashmir

Anonymous Kashmir Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi, India has been hacked and defaced by Anonymous Kashmir. Anonymous hacktivists protested against Indian brutality in occupied Kashmir. Hacked Websites: Mirrors of the hacked sites: The hackers bashed Indian forces for killing innocent young Kashmiri Muslims. Congratulations! India, Congratulation Your Brutality Continue In Kashmir. Recently […] Continue reading →

#CISPABlackout: Copyright.Gov Taken down by Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous hackers taken down the official US Copyright Office website (Copyright.Gov) under  #CISPABlackout, #StopCISPA, The operation initiated by Anonymous hackers to Stop CISPA ( Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and Anonymous called 22 April an Internet Blackout day against CISPA. -> Tweet by Anonymous Hackers: Many of the websites are being hacked to protest CISPA but […] Continue reading →

#OpUSA: Hacktivists Unite and Launching Cyber Attack against US on 7th of May

OpUSA Every day we listen, Chinese hackers hack US Companies and Cyber Espionage But this time, Hacktivists from all over the world unite and launching a cyber attack on US Cyber Space under the operation called #OpUSA.Previously, Hackers caused a massive damage to Israel with the #OpIsrael on 7th of April. Same hackers united again and launching attack on […] Continue reading →