Punjab Provincial Assembly, Pakistan Bar Council Websites Hacked by Xploiters Crew

Xploiters Crew Xploiters Crew - A Pakistani Hacker Group hacked and defaced the Punjab Provincial Assembly, Military Engineer Services of Pakistan and Pakistan Bar Council websites with others Pakistani Government websites. Xploiters Crew with Pakbugs hacktivists targeted High Profile Pakistani Govt websites which includes the websites of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab, Military Engineer Services, Pakistan Bar Council, AJK Tourism […] Continue reading →

‘Legendary’ hacker Barnaby Jack dies a week before hacking convention

Barnaby Jack, a computer-security professional with a showman’s flair for demonstrating technical weaknesses in ATMs and medical devices, has died in San Francisco, a week before he was due to make a high-profile presentation at a hacking conference.The New Zealand-born Jack, 35, was found dead on Thursday evening by “a loved one” at an apartment in […] Continue reading →

List of Free VPN to Protect Privacy

privacy Virtual Private Networks - VPNs for short, is necessary for privacy these days. If you want to open blocked sites in US, UK, India, China etc, if you want to browse the web anonymously, then using a good VPN service is what you need. Some websites like pandora.com, hulu.com, ABC.com, BB.co.uk are restricted and available […] Continue reading →

Pakistani Islamic Channel website Paigham.Tv hacked by Pak Haxor Crew

Pakistani Islamic Channel Website - Paigham.tv hacked and defaced by the Pakistani hacker with the hacker nick H4$N4!N H4XOR from Pak Haxor Cew (PHC). Today, Paigham.tv website - an Islamic channel in Pakistan which is broadcast in the Urdu language gets hacked by H4$N4!N H4XOR - a member of Pak Haxor Crew.Hacked Site:www.paigham.tvMirror of the hacked Site:http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/20366857 H4$N4!N H4XOR […] Continue reading →

Apple’s developer portal hacked

apple-hack Apple’s developer portal has been hacked on Thursday. An intruder managed to obtain some personal info from registered developers, Apple has announced. “Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed, however, we have not been able to […] Continue reading →