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Iranian Cyber Police Arrested 240 M/W Shut Down about 900 Websites

Iranian cyber police Shahrwand newspaper reported that Iranian cyber police (known as FATA)arrested at-least 240+ people which include men and women and also shut down about 900 websites in Sistan and Baluchestan. According to reports all these people were involved in illegal internet activities includes managing porn and fake profiles,recently Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards announced its Spider […] Continue reading →

Paunch, The BlackHole Exploit Kit Author Arrested in Russia

Russian-Hackers Paunch, the notorious Russian hacker and malware developer, the author of the notorious BlackHole exploit kit, and his partners have been arrested in Russia, According to Softpedia. Maarten Boone, security analyst at Dutch IT security company Fox-IT, was the first to break the news on Twitter. So far, there aren’t any additional details. “Paunch the nickname of a Russian […] Continue reading →

BitTorrent admins to Face Six Years in Jail, Spanish Govt. Approves New Law

copyright infringement Spain has long been a thorn in the side of United States-based entertainment companies. Now Spain has passed amendments to the country’s penal code which states admins of sites offering links to copyrighted works without the owners’ permission will face jail sentences of up to six years. For individual file-sharers and those operating P2P software, […] Continue reading →