Goa Government Server hacked by Pakistani Hacker H4x0r HuSsY

Indian Government Server belonging to Goa State has hacked and defaced by the famous Pakistani hacker with pseudo H4x0r HuSsY.Deface Page:

A total of 15 websites with subdomains defaced by the hacker belonging Indian state Goa. The hacked sites include NRI Commission of Goa, Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of Art and Culture, Department of Information and Publicity, Directorate of Fire & Emergency Service, Goa Dental College, Government Printing Press & Stationery, Deapartment of Labour & Employment, Captain of Ports Department, River Navigation Department Goa, Department of Sainik Welfare Govt. Of Goa, Department of Tourism.

List of the Hacked Sites:

  • http://nri.goa.gov.in/
  • http://agri.goa.gov.in/
  • http://artandculture.goa.gov.in/uploads/index.html
  • http://dip.goa.gov.in/uploads/index.html
  • http://gdch.goa.gov.in/
  • http://www.goaprintingpress.gov.in/
  • http://www.dsya.goa.gov.in/
  • http://dfda.goa.gov.in/
  • http://goadfes.gov.in/media/index.php
  • http://labour.goa.gov.in/
  • http://ports.goa.gov.in/
  • http://rnd.goa.gov.in/uploads/index.php
  • http://www.dosw.goa.gov.in/
  • http://socialwelfare.goa.gov.in/media/index.php
  • http://goatourism.gov.in/images/index.php
Anatomy of the attack on the Indian server is unknown. It seems that hackers exploited some 0 day on the server, managed to get into the server and defaced the websites. Mirror of the hacked sites by the hacker can be found below.
Mirrors of the hacked Sites:
All of the sites on the Goa government server are restored now.