Hackers Steal Personal Details of 36,000 People with US Army Connections

PC hacked Hackers have cracked computer systems connected with a former US military base at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, stealing the personal details of more than 36,000 people, Hackers still unidentified. According to ibtimes. The main victims of the attack are thought to be personnel at C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) and Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM). […] Continue reading →

National University of Bangladesh Hacked by JokerCracker, Thousands of Credentials Leaked

A hacker who goes by the handle @JokerCracker has just announced an attack on the National University of bangladesh website and server (www.nu.edu.bd) which has left the site being inaccessible. The attack was announced on twitter and posted to private paste in the format of a sql dump that contains thousands of credentials of users and staff of the University. Joker […] Continue reading →

Paypal Rewarded $10,000 to a Pakistani Student for detecting bugs in Paypal’s Site

Bug Bounty Program Rafay Baloch, an independent security researcher from Karachi, has been rewarded with $10,000 for reporting a remote command execution bug in the PayPal’s website. According to details, PayPal had announced that this reward is an initiative for those researchers who would report about the existence of a bug and its subsequent remote command execution, Technology […] Continue reading →