#OpUSA: Hacktivists Unite and Launching Cyber Attack against US on 7th of May

OpUSA Every day we listen, Chinese hackers hack US Companies and Cyber Espionage But this time, Hacktivists from all over the world unite and launching a cyber attack on US Cyber Space under the operation called #OpUSA.Previously, Hackers caused a massive damage to Israel with the #OpIsrael on 7th of April. Same hackers united again and launching attack on […] Continue reading →

Google Kenya Hacked by [email protected] with other TOP Kenya Domain

malwai google hack [email protected] - A famous Bangladeshi Blackhat strike again with DNS poisoning attack by targeting Kenya top tech organizations domains Google, Yahoo, MSN, Windows, HP, Dell and others. [email protected] is considered as one of the most dangerous black hat of the world.Deface Page: Famous Bangladeshi hacker [email protected] known for his big defacements strikes again! This is not […] Continue reading →

Indian NIC Server Under Cyber Attack by Brazillian Hackers

hightech Brazilian Hackers with the handle HighTech has hacked and defaced the Indian Government websites hosted on the most secured Indian Portal NIC.in. Indian NICcompletelytaken down by the Brazilian Hackers by hacking intoIndian NIC Web Server.Deface Page: It’s the first biggest cyber attack ever on Indian Government, where a Complete NIC Server taken down by Brazilian Hackers. […] Continue reading →

iPod Israel Website Hacked by Green-H Team

Green-H Team Moroccan Hackers from Green-H Team has hacked and defaced iPod Israel Website (www.ipod.co.il) under the operation called #OpIsrael. The site is still defaced. Below is the snapshot of the deface page.Deface Page: It seems that hackers are still hacking Israeli websites under the #OpIsrael that was started on 7th of April. The Hackers are from […] Continue reading →

XSS Vulnerability on Microsoft Security Response Center, found by Moroccan Researcher

Bug Bounty Program A young Moroccan Security Researcher discovers XSS (Cross Site Scripting) flaw on Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) website. Vulnerability immediately fixed by Microsoft Security Team after reporting. POC Screen Shot: The Security researcher told The Hackers Post that he reported XSS flaw to Microsoft. He got immediate response with appreciation and vulnerability fixed by them. Microsoft […] Continue reading →