Exclusive Interview with Xploiter from Pakbugs

xploiter logo Hello, The Hackers Post Readers. Today, We conducted Interview of Xploiter, The Bank Hacker from Pakbugs who hacked almost all major Banks of Pakistan. The bank hacks include Soneri Bank, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank, Tameer Bank. He is one of the top hacker of Pakistan. We asked personal to hacking and cyber security […] Continue reading →

Syrian Electronic Army hacks messaging application Tango.me, 1.5 TB data compromised

Tango messenger server hacked by Syrian Electronic Army Syrian Electronic Army hacks mobile messaging app website (tango. me) and stole 1.5 terabytes of information from the database of the website. The site is down and redirecting to its official facebook page. The Hacktivists group Syrian Electronic Army claimed to break into the Tango.me server - a cross platform messaging application software for Smartphones with […] Continue reading →

Ubuntu Forum Hacked by Sputn1k_, over 1.8 million email and password stolen

Ubuntu Forum Hacked by Sputn1k_ with over 1.8 million user email and password stolen by the hacker. Change your Ubuntu Forum password immediately. Canonical, Linux based operating system Ubuntu distro lead developers admitted that its online forum not just defaced but also hacker accessed and stole the 1.8 million users data (username, emails and passwords) from […] Continue reading →

Philippines Navy hacked by Pr3 H4ck3r

Philippine_Navy Philippines Navy website (www.navy.mil.ph) hacked by the hacker going with the handle Pr3 H4ck3r and the hacker also leaked the database credentials of the website online. The Hacker found and exploited SQL injection flaw on the website and dumped the usernames, emails and passwords. Over 50+ emails with passes are leaked, According to Pinoyhacknews. The hacker […] Continue reading →

Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited hacked by Xploiter from Pakbugs

Tameer Bank Xploiter - The Bank Hacker hit again and this time Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited website (www.tameerbank.com) hacked with the intention to Secure Banking Infrastructure of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Largest and the first private commercial Microfinance bank, Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited (TMFB) website hacked by the same hackers Xploiter and Dr Freak from Pakbugs who hacked major […] Continue reading →

HUM TV Website Hacked by MadcodE Haxor

madcode haxor Hum TV Website (www.hum.tv) Hacked by Pakistani hacker with the alias Madcode Haxor. Today, HUM Tv website hacked by Madcode Haxor, possibly from Madleet. Pakistani Hackers in full swing, keep on defacing their own country website with the intention to secure them. Hacked Site: www.hum.tv Its unclear how hacker managed to get in to the […] Continue reading →

Khyber News Tv Site Hacked by H4$N4!N H4XOR

haxor husnain Khyber Tv News Channel Site (khybernews.tv) hacked and defaced by Pakistani hacker H4$N4!N H4XOR from PHC(Pakistan Hackers Crew). Today, Pashto language TV news channel - Khyber News hacked by Pakistani hackers H4$N4!N H4XOR and Hunt3r Khan from the hacking group Pakistan Hackers Crew (PHC) Attacked Site: http://khybernews.tv/ Hacked Link: http://khybernews.tv/newsDetails.php?cat=6&key=Mzg5NjU= Mirror of the hacked Site: http://zone-hc.com/archive/mirror/f749025_khybernews.tv_mirror_.html In conversation with […] Continue reading →