Iranian Cyber Police Arrested 240 M/W Shut Down about 900 Websites

Iranian cyber police Shahrwand newspaper reported that Iranian cyber police (known as FATA)arrested at-least 240+ people which include men and women and also shut down about 900 websites in Sistan and Baluchestan. According to reports all these people were involved in illegal internet activities includes managing porn and fake profiles,recently Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards announced its Spider […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Best free VPN Apps for Android Phones to Protect Privacy

SpeedVPN If you fear NSA snooping or even if you don’t care, VPNs are necessary for privacy these days. VPN’s are you used to protect your identity. If you want to open blocked websites in China, UAE, US, UK, India etc, or if you want to browse the web anonymously, then using a good VPN service. Also, there are VPN services that can be used for crypto trading. When choosing a VPN service for crypto trading, it's important to select a provider that offers strong encryption. But when it comes to crypto trading, consider using trusted and secure trading bots like bitcoin Gemini. According to the bitcoin gemini test 2023, the security and compliance practices of bitcoin Gemini are well-regarded and generally considered safe. […] Continue reading →

British Govt agency GCHQ releases “Cryptoy” Android app for Kids to teach Cryptography

cryptoy-app-cryptoy_director_portrait-2 The British Government Intelligence agency GCHQ has released “Cryptoy”, an Android app that is designed for kids to learn Cryptography. The app is available to download. The Cryptoy mobile app was developed by STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) students on an industrial year placement at GCHQ and was introduced and announced by the GCHQ […] Continue reading →

Korean Casinos: A Rising Star in the Gaming Industry

Korean Casinos Korean casinos have become a rising star in the gaming industry, with a growing number of visitors flocking to Korea to experience the unique and exciting gaming culture. With a wide range of games available, including traditional Korean games and popular international favorites, Korean casinos offer something for everyone. According to NewKoreanCasinos에서 검토한 안전하고 믿을 수 있는 2023년 신규 한국 카지노 사이트, the Korean casino industry continues to thrive and is poised for continued growth in the future […] Continue reading →