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Adobe Flash Player 15 Released - Fixes 12 Vulnerabilities

adobe-flash-player-icon Adobe Flash Player which was released on Tuesday fixes a total of 12 vulnerabilities. Security Bugs include memory leakage, memory corruption, use-after-free. These could be exploited for code execution. These flaws affect Flash Player 14 and all previous versions for Windows and Mac. These updates resolve memory leakage vulnerabilities that could be used to […] Continue reading →

Popular FileHosting Site 4shared vulnerable to XSS, Clickjacking,CSRF & Openssl CCS Injection Vulnerability

4shared Mohamed M.Fouad - a security researcher from Egypt have found that famous FileHosting website 4shared vulnerable to XSS(Cross Site Scripting), Clickjacking, CSRF & Openssl CCS Injection Vulnerability and Apache tomcat example directory vulnerability that can lead to cookies http only bypass , Session manipulation. 4shared as we all know is a hosting service and file […] Continue reading →

Jobvite vulnerable to Boolean SQLi and LFI

Jobvite Mohamed M.Fouad - an Independent Security Researcher from Egypt have found a SQL Injection and Local File Inclusion(LFI) vulnerability on famous Social recruiting website Jobvite. Jobvite is a Social recruiting and applicant tracking platform created for companies with the highest expectations of candidate quality and recruiting technology. The hacker found a SQLi and LFI vulnerability […] Continue reading →

Router Hacking competition SOHOpelessly Broken announced for Defcon

router hacking Researchers are gearing up to hack top manufacturers of Home and SME wireless routers during a contest next month at the Defcon 22 security conference.The contest is called SOHOpelessly Broken. The sponsors behind the DefCon SOHOpelessly Broken competition, Independent Security Evalutators and digital rights lobby group Electronic Frontier Foundation are confident the hackers will find […] Continue reading →

Indian Security Researcher finds vulnerability in eBay that allow to purchase anything for just 1 rupee

CSRF ebay Indian security researcher named ishwar prasad bhat found a bug in Ebay India(A Largest online Shopping website) which allowed him to buy any products for just 1 rupee(0.01 dollar). While explaining the bug, Ishwar told THP that using this bug anybody can buy anything worth millions of rupees products for just 1 rupee by just […] Continue reading →