Windows 8 Will Be Harder to Hack – Security Expert Says

Windows defender in Windows 8

Windows 8 has already been attacked by hackers who wanted to activate the operating system at no cost, but there’s no doubt it’s one of the most secure Windows iterations released so far. according to post at softpedia.

Microsoft uses this argument to promote Windows 8 with every single occasion, while security companies across the globe confirm that it’s harder to attack the new OS.

McAfee said in its 2013 predictions report that Windows 8 may become hackers’ next big target, but Rapid7 CISO and Metasploit founder HD Moore told eSecurityPlanet that exploiting the new platform could be a lot more difficult.

“The additional improvements in Windows 8 and the sky-high market for zero day may reduce the public visibility of security flaws to an all-time low,” Moore explained. “Microsoft still has work to do, but relative to other large software vendors, their ability to respond to security issues this year has improved.”