3 nabbed for spreading Gozi Virus

Gozi Virus U.S police force arrested three criminals who are said to be involved in the uprising of one of the deadliest virus online i.e. The Gozi virus. The Gozi virus since 2005 has affected more than 40,000 computers in the U.S. That belonged to many leading commercial and government centers, NASA is one of them. The […] Continue reading →

87 Canadian Websites Hacked by RootError

rooterror A hacker goes by the handle @RootError have hacked and defaced 87 Canadian based websites. The hack announced by @RootError himself on his official Twitter account, reason of hacking still unknown. List of Hacked Sites: List of hacked sites can be found here. Deface Message: Defaced by @rooterror.. Break Security Hackers.. The network security is […] Continue reading →