AVG PrivacyFix improve Your Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Privacy


Worried about privacy settings for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn? AVG PrivacyFix is the solution. AVG PrivacyFix can help you which settings you need to adjust.

AVG PrivacyFix is an app that can help a lot of users who aren’t exactly tech-savvy, but are still concerned about their privacy. PrivacyFix tries to make your personal accounts more secure by scanning their privacy settings, and then suggesting appropriate changes. The services that can be cleansed with the app include Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.
Once you use the app to log in to your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts, it will return a report on which privacy-related settings may need to be adjusted. Keep in mind that some of these settings may disable or affect features you want (like Google Now).
AVG PrivacyFix is a free service, and the smartphone apps are available for free, too. The app is very useful and even if you are not very privacy-conscious, it can’t hurt to spend a few minutes of your time to get everything in order on your accounts.

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