National University of Bangladesh Hacked by JokerCracker, Thousands of Credentials Leaked

A hacker who goes by the handle @JokerCracker has just announced an attack on the National University of bangladesh website and server ( which has left the site being inaccessible.

The attack was announced on twitter and posted to private paste in the format of a sql dump that contains thousands of credentials of users and staff of the University.

Joker Tweet:  (National University of Bangladesh) +15,000 Users, Pass, Mails … #Hacked by @JokerCracker ->  

The leaked credentials range from full names, address, contacts and emails as well as login details which are encrypted.
Total amount of accounts found to have emails is 4316 but 1423 of them were duplicated leaving only accounts with 2893.

E-mail Statistics

Valid E-mails 2,881
Duplicate E-mails 0
Already Stored 12
Hotmails 1,934
LiveMail 16
Gmails 45
Yahoos 761
Total E-mails. 2,893

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