How to find your Router Vulnerability & How to Fix it

linksys router

Routers are an ideal target for Hackers. If an attacker gains control of a router, they can monitor, redirect, block or otherwise tamper with a wide range of online activities of the target.

Worst-case scenario? Strangers from anywhere in the world can access your files, slip malware into your network, or use your own security cameras to spy on you—all without ever laying a finger on your hardware.

How to find Router Vulnerability

To find out if your router has a security bug or not, please follow the instructions as follows:

1. Open your browser and log into the router by typing or look at the back of your router for IP.

2. Go to settings and note the DHCP server Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Supposedly the DNS server IP is or IP DNS server you ISP.

tplink dchp

3. Run the following script in the browser and click on the “script” below:

tplink dhcp server

4. If the primary and secondary DNS addresses turn into like this, then the router vulnerable to exploitation DNSChanger2.

tplink dns changer
How to Fix Router Vulnerability:
Update your Router Firmware.