Pakistani hackers retaliate by hacking Indian websites

Pakistani hackers with the handle King_HaXor and H4$N4!N H4XOR from Pakistan Hackers Crew (PHC) has hacked and defaced Indian websites in retaliation to Indian Hackers who hacked Pakistani sites. Most of the sites are still defaced.
Deface Page:


Anatomy of the attack is not known, hackers hacked random sites belonging to different Indian hosting servers. A total of 28 websites hacked by the hackers. This is a warning to Indian Hackers, we don’t want Cyber War again, Hacker said to The Hackers Post.

At the time of writing most the websites are still defaced and showing the message left by the hackers.

Below is the list of sites with the mirrors: ml

In another attack, H4$N4!N H4XOR hacked around 100 Indian websites for the same reason by adding a static deface page phc.html on every hacked sites.

Mirrors of the hacked Sites by Hasnain Haxor:

List of the hacked sites can be found here.