Kim Dotcom’s Mega Is Now Open To the Public

Mega, Kim Dotcom’s big, flashy new copyright-dismantling file-sharing/storage site with encryption up the wars have finally launched. You can head on over and sign up right now. That is, so long as the site can hold under the crazy traffic. So far, it looks like it’s getting crushed. But different people are experiencing different things.

In the hours leading up to launch — as Kim Dotcom promoted this kooky pop video by Jayme Guitierrez called “Death to the Dinosaur”, featuring Kim Dotcom — there was some speculation about whether the site would make it, with the holding page timing out unless you typed in the address using the https secure prefix. All seems to be working fine so far, however.

now everyone can go to Mega to sign up and use the service, with a basic, free offering of 50GB of storage, plus three pricing tiers with additional storage and bandwidth capacity. This is being resold by partners of Mega, which include Instra, as well as EuroDNS and Digiweb.