Sony Music Mexico Website Hacked by DiE_AucH

Hacker goes by the handle @DiE_AucH have hacked & defaced the official website of Sony Music for Mexico (, along with two other Mexican sites.

The hacked Sony Music site is displaying deface page and a small message note mock at the website admin for its poor security applied on the site. Yet the exact reason for hacking the site was not mentioned.

According to the note

You have been hacked ..Your security is NULL.. You Must work on it..Owned by Di E _Auch

Targeted website:

Mirror of hacked website:

Sony Music Mexico has over 122, 473 followers on their Twitter account and over 447,141 fans on their official Facebook page.

The other two hacked websites belong to a song lyrics service ( and an educational institution site ( The link of all three hacks and past hacks from DiE_AucH hacker can be found here.

It not clear which vulnerability used by hacker to hack this site. But according to Reverse ip domain check, Website is on Shared Hosting Server and Name Servers are:

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