Google Morocco hacked again by Pakbugs

Google Hacked Once again by PakBugs Famous Pakistani Hacking Crew. Yes, the official Google Morocco site hacked by leet pakistani hacker group called Pakbugs. Site is still defaced while writing this. Yesterday, they were in news by hacking Bing and MSN.
Deface Page:
Google Morocco hacked again by pakbugs
Same Hackers from PAKBUGS hack this domain in 2009 and they did this again.

We Did it in the Past And We Did it Again!

This is now sure that these hackers backed again after being busted by FIA(Federal Intelligence Agency) of Pakistan in 2010.

Apparently, this is a DNS attack. The hacker redirected these domains to a deface page. DNS attack has become major issues these days. Yesterday, hackers hacked Bing and MSN with the same method by redirecting these domains to a deface page.

While browsing, Site is down because of heavy traffic.
Hacked Domains:
Deface Message:

Morocco 0wn3d… We Did it in the Past And We Did it Again!h0 h0 h0, khantastic aka 1337 skids you thought you were first ones to deface google, you guys didn’t even defaced that, adding free sub domains on freehostia wont make you 1337! but it will make your worst then script kiddies _!_We did it in 2009 when you guys were learning how to use a pc, how you gonna fake me now?!?What stories are you gonna make now bitch?? you are less then nothing..and remember “Everything You KIDS do is SMALL! OUR SHIT IS MONSTROUS!!”

So bitches did we register our self LMFAO!! FUCK OFF BITCH


Mirror link: