#OpIsrael: 25 Israeli websites hacked by AnuarLinux from Local Army Crew

A Malaysian hacker AnuarLinux from Local Army Crew attacked on Israeli Cyber Space, hacked and defaced 25 Israeli website in support of Palestine, Operation called #OpIsrael.

A huge operation against Israel #OpIsrael starting on 7th of April where hackers from all over the world participating in this operation with the aim to remove the Israel from WWW( World Wide Web). It seems that hacker AnnuaLinux also participating in this operation and started defacing Israeli websites now without waiting the specified date.

Anatomy of attack on Israeli websites is not known, hacked sites are hosted on different server. It looks like hacker target different Israeli servers and hacked the websites.

According to deface page, left by hackers , The reason for hacking Israeli websites was to raise voice of Palestine’s who are under hell created by Israel and  left a deface page displaying images of Palestinians affected by Israeli shelling.

Complete Deface Message left by hackers:
We came, we saw, we share..AnuarLinux Was Here..#Ops Israhell. Local Army Crews Malaysian Team Was Arrived…We Was Here !!!..Stop To Be Killer .. fuck You Israel !! God Damnit !! We Not Stop Attacking You…Fucking Israel . Many Our Brothers . Family Sister -Die- . Cause You Fucking Israel !! Look You Kill A Children!!

And We Not Forgive What You Have Done To Our Family !!! Long Live Palestine!!

Hackers posted a doc on pastebin, with links of hacked websites and mirrors of zone-h, which can be found here.

At the time of publishing this article, most of the site are restored.