Geo TV hacked by ZHC

ZHC Pakistan’s Top News Television channel Geo TV site hacked and defaced by ZHC (Z Company Hacking Crew) with all of its domains defaced. At the time of writing, sites are still defaced.Deface Page: Active hacktivist group - ZHC (Z Company Hacking Crew) have hacked and defaced GEO TV Sites with the operation called #OpKashmir. ZHC […] Continue reading →

[email protected] hacked Malwai Google, Yahoo, MSN, Windows

malwai google hack [email protected] and h311 c0d3 strike again with DNS poisoning attack by targetting Malwai top tech organizations domains Google, Yahoo, MSN, Windows, Kaspersky and others.Deface Page: Famous Bangladeshi hacker [email protected] known for his big defacements strikes again! This time he teams up with another hacker ‘h311 c0d3′ for another big defacement campaign.The hacker managed to hack […] Continue reading →

Indian Government sites hacked by ZHC

ZHC Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) has hacked and defaced Indian Govt sites with the Operation called #KashmirNow #FreeKashmir.   Deface Page:   ZHC - Z Company Hacking Crew has been continuously hacking Indian sites. This time, ZHC targetted high profile Indian Goverment sites with the operation called #FreeKashmir. List of Hacked Sites with Mirrors: [#] - Energy […] Continue reading →

Spanish Police arrested group behind Ransomware network

crime scene Spanish Police have arrested a gang of 11 cyber criminals as part of Operation Ransom who allegedly ran ransomware network to demand money from thousands of victims in 30 countries using malware known as Reveton. It’s believed the cyber criminals have managed to invest tens of thousands of computers and make a profit of over 1 million EUR ($1.34 million) per year. Eleven individuals […] Continue reading → vulnerable to SQL Injection

Indian Ethical Hackers found a SQL injection flaw at Sify( SQLi Vulnerability still exist in the site. Ethical Hackers from India found a SQL Injection vulnerability at the high profile website According to Ethical Hackers, they reported bug to site administration but they didnot respond to the vulnerability. Website: Vulnerable link:  […] Continue reading →

Cryptome Website and Twitter account hacked

Cryptome (  – the popular repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying and surveillance – has been hacked including its website, twitter account and email, according to softpedia. According to a statement posted on the site’s main page, on February 12, the attackers have managed to breach the website, email and Twitter (@cryptomeorg) […] Continue reading →

MIT subdomain hacked by an Indian Hacker p0isonOus

MIT MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) subdomain hacked and defaced by an indian hacker with the handle p0isonOus.Deface Page: Hacked Site: Mirror: The Hacker used private exploit to get into the server. Accessed the SQL database of the Site, extracted all the usernames with passes, uploaded a PHP shell and defaced the site. According to the hacker, He […] Continue reading →

Al-jazeera news network website hacked

al jazeera hacked Aljazeera Official news website has been hacked By Al Rashedon. Hackers replaced the home page of al-Jazeera’s Arabic site with a statement that said the cyberattack was a protest against its coverage of the Syrian conflict. “This is in response to your position against Syria (people and government) and for special support of militant terrorism,” […] Continue reading →

Pakistan Army Website Hacked by Afghani Hackers

pak-army-web-hacked Afghan Cyber Army has hacked the Pakistan Army official Site and leaked its database to the public. The deface page contains hatred text and broken English language seemingly convinced as they were Afghans. Recently,  Afghan Cyber Army hacked 34 Pakistani websites. Hacked Site: Here is the Message from hackers: TARGET : WWW.PAKISTANARMY.GOV.PK We Are : […] Continue reading →