Avast Germany and Its Subdomains hacked by Maxney of Turkish Ajan group

Turkish hacker Maxney from Turkish Ajan group has hacked and defaced Avast Germany (avadas.de) website along with its sub-domains. Around 20,000 accounts and payment information of Avast’s online users have been leaked online by the hackers. Websites are restored. Avast representative say, we are aware of the hacks.

The Hacker tweeted on its official twitter handle @TurkishAjan about the hack and the leaked data.

Avast Germany Hacked. 20k account. http://goo.gl/Kbw6u  file:http://goo.gl/6TWwL  #hack #TurkishAjan #news

Hacked Websites:

  • avadas.de
  • forum.avadas.de/
  • typo3.avadas.de/
  • service.avadas.de
Anatomy of hacks is still not known. All hacked sites developed using Typo3 CMS, Its not sure but it looks like hacker exploited some of the bug/ 0 day in the Typo3 CMS, managed to upload shell and hacked the websites.

According to the deface page, it is explained that reason for hacking was the ongoing genocide of Palestinian and East Turkistnian people.

Avast representatives have told Softpedia that this is not the official website.

“We are aware that a site appearing to be an official site, AVADAS.DE, was hacked and compromised. However, this is not an official site and does not belong to Avast Software. Instead, it has been owned and operated for many years by Procello, a German reseller,” Avast representatives said via email.

“We have demanded, and we have been refused, the return of the [avast.de] domain name many times over the past years. We expect with this latest incident that the site will shortly be disabled and will never again be used by Procello.”

The leaked data, includes payment information, usernames, email ids, DOB, phone numbers, Paypal payment details and passwords in encrypted and plain texts.

Hackers share the leaked data on Speedy Share which Currently has been removed. However, it might have been downloaded many times before it was deleted and it may have been uploaded onto other websites. Cybercriminals or other might try to abuse the leaked information So it is advised to Avadas customers to change all their passwords.

Turkish Ajan Group previously had hacked Casio China, Nokia Taiwan, Acer India and Domino’s pizza India with leaking user information of million of users.

Mirror of the hacked websites can be found here