The official website of Pakistan International airline PIA hacked by Ch3rn0by1

PIA hacked

Today, the official website subdomain of Pakistan International Airlines ( has been hacked and defaced by Ch3rn0by1 hacker from P4K M4D HUNT3RS hacking group.

The hacked site belongs to the call center of the Pakistan International Airlines. There is no specific reason of the hack by the hacker. Hacker has just given greets to the hacker friends with the statement “PIA Box3d By Ch3rn0by1″ on the deface page. It seems that hacker just randomly selected and defaced the website. It was not a targeted attack.

Pakistan International Airlines short for PIA recently faced a cyber scandal where travel agents stole Rs.72 Million Worth of E Tickets From Pakistan International Airline PIA Website. Now this website hack left a big question to PIA security team.

A week before, The official website of Russian Embassy In India hacked by the same hacker Ch3rn0by1.

Anatomy of attack is unknown. How hacker managed to inject deface page on the server is unclear. Its also unclear, what level of access hacker got on the server but this hack is a big slap on the PIA security team.

Mirror(Proof of Hack) of the PIA hacked site is available here.

At the time of writing, PIA website was hacked and showing the message the page left by the hacker.