Syrian Electronic Army hacks messaging application, 1.5 TB data compromised

Syrian Electronic Army hacks mobile messaging app website (tango. me) and stole 1.5 terabytes of information from the database of the website. The site is down and redirecting to its official facebook page.
The Hacktivists group Syrian Electronic Army claimed to break into the server - a cross platform messaging application software for Smartphones with over 120 million users globally.

The hacker stole the massive amount of data from the database of the website. The compromised data include phone numbers, contacts, and emails. The hackers also claimed to have downloaded 1.5 TB of the data successfully.

Hacktivists mentions the hacks on their official twitter account.

It looks like Syrian Government is backing these pro hacker group as it is mentioned on their official site that data is delivered to the Syrian Government.

Much of the information in the databases that were downloaded  will be delivered to the Syrian government

The site redirects to its Facebook account, at the time of writing.