Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) hacked by ~SaHoo~

MIT hacked by sahoo

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Site Subdomain has been hacked and defaced by an Indian hacker SaHoo. Yesterday, the same hacker was in news by hacking the Standford University Website.

How attacker managed to get access is unknown. The main site remains intact but attacker hacked the subdomain of the site. However, Hacker was not able to deface the full page.

The message indicated that the hacker simple wanted to remind them about their security. The site don’t appear to be storing any sensitive information of their student. However, such an attack can still impact an institute’s image.

The Hacker writes on the deface page:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???
Indian Hacker ~SaHoo~ was here!!! FEEL THE POWER

Attacked Link:

Mirror(Proof of Hack):

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