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17-year-old Australian suspected member of ‘Anonymous’ charged with four hacking crimes

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) executed a search warrant at the 17-year-old youth’s home in Glenmore Park, New South Wales in November 2012. The youth appeared in Parramatta Children’s Court on Friday (5 April 2013) to face charges relating to unauthorised access to computer data. The juvenile is suspected to be a member of the online issue motivated group […] Continue reading →

Anonymous Hacker Barrett Brown’s Mother Faces Prison For Hiding Evidences

Barret Brown The mother of alleged Anonymous hacker Barrett Brown has pleaded guilty to helping her son hide two laptop computers from federal investigators. RT reports, Karen McCutchin, Brown’s mother pleaded guilty last week to a charge of obstructing the execution of a search warrant. She could face a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison and a $100,000 fine. […] Continue reading →

Spanish Police arrested group behind Ransomware network

crime scene Spanish Police have arrested a gang of 11 cyber criminals as part of Operation Ransom who allegedly ran ransomware network to demand money from thousands of victims in 30 countries using malware known as Reveton. It’s believed the cyber criminals have managed to invest tens of thousands of computers and make a profit of over 1 million EUR ($1.34 million) per year. Eleven individuals […] Continue reading →

17 Chinese arrested for Cyber crime

cyber crimes The Philippine police last week arrested a group of 15 Chinese women and 2 men in Makati city. This group was arrested on behalf of a fraudulent activity they carried out over the internet successfully. After week of thorough investigations the police declared this group criminals after which the Chinese police was after, according to […] Continue reading →

3 nabbed for spreading Gozi Virus

Gozi Virus U.S police force arrested three criminals who are said to be involved in the uprising of one of the deadliest virus online i.e. The Gozi virus. The Gozi virus since 2005 has affected more than 40,000 computers in the U.S. That belonged to many leading commercial and government centers, NASA is one of them. The […] Continue reading →

Hackers sentenced for stealing Michael Jackson unreleased Tracks

Michael Jackson Sony Music, the musical home of Michael Jackson, have won their legal battle against two British hackers who stole unreleased songs recorded by the music legend. Hackers were sentenced to 100 hours of community service by England’s Leicester Crown Court on Friday. Two British hackers, James Marks, Twenty seven years old  and James McCormick 26 years old  were arrested in 2011 for […] Continue reading →

Old Russian hacker sentenced by US Court for committing Cyber Crime

russian hacker arrested Vladimir Zdorovenin, 55 years old Russian hacker, sentenced to three years in prison by Manhattan federal court for stealing credit cards of US citizens & committing bank frauds. Vladimir Zdorovenin and his son, Kirill Zdorovenin, are accused of conspiring to steal the personal details, including credit card information, of several US citizens between 2004 and 2005, while residing in Russia, […] Continue reading →

Algerian hacker arrested by Thai Police on FBI wanted list

Thai police have arrested an Algerian national wanted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly making tens of millions of dollars from cyber crime, according to sources. Hamza Bendelladj, was arrested late Sunday while attempting to transit through Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport from Malaysia, Immigration Bureau chief Pharnu Kerdlarpphon said. “We were […] Continue reading →