Paunch, The BlackHole Exploit Kit Author Arrested in Russia

Russian Hackers

Paunch, the notorious Russian hacker and malware developer, the author of the notorious BlackHole exploit kit, and his partners have been arrested in Russia, According to Softpedia.

Maarten Boone, security analyst at Dutch IT security company Fox-IT, was the first to break the news on Twitter. So far, there aren’t any additional details.

“Paunch the nickname of a Russian hacker who for the past few years has sold the wildly popularBlackhole exploit kit, a crimeware package designed to be stitched into hacked or malicious sites and foist browser exploits on visitors,” wrote Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity of the notorious malware developer back in August of this year.

People like Paunch are usually very hard to track down because they take numerous measures to protect their real identities. However, over the past years, law enforcement agencies have been very efficient in tracking down individuals suspected of being involved in the creation and distribution of malware.