#OpUSA: Hacktivists Unite and Launching Cyber Attack against US on 7th of May

Every day we listen, Chinese hackers hack US Companies and Cyber Espionage But this time, Hacktivists from all over the world unite and launching a cyber attack on US Cyber Space under the operation called #OpUSA.Previously, Hackers caused a massive damage to Israel with the #OpIsrael on 7th of April. Same hackers united again and launching attack on US Cyber.


AnonGhost provide a list of hackers and told THP that they will initiate the attack on the 7th of May.
According to  AnonGhost,

“We are launching cyber attack on US under #OpUSA. This will hit hard and gonna be the all time biggest cyber attacks. We the Ghosts are everywhere. We watch you from where you can’t see us , USA Gov is equal to Israel Gov!”

#OpUSA will be initiated on the 7th of May 2013. #OpUSA is officially announced and organized by Mauritania Attacker, the founder of Mauritania Hacker Team and  AnonGhost Team and is also the same guy who launched #OpIsrael. According to illSecure, hackers are targeting the USA for its war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The hackers also said the attacks will be done in solidarity with the innocent victims of American drone attacks especially the innocent children.

The list of hackers and teams provided by Mauritania Attacker that are participating in #OpUSA.

  •  AnonGhost Team : 
    • Mauritania Attacker
    • Virusa Worm
    • SpitFir3
    • Man Sykez
    • Deto Beiber
    • BL4ckc0d1n6
    • K4C3 Undetected
    • SAW-19
    • Sky Lion
    • Kais Patron
    • Ian Surgent
    • Gbs Aremiey
    • B0o3nAs
    • Mr Domoz
    • Netlover
    • Tak Dikenal
    • Hije
  •  Anonymous Tunisia : 
    • REBELS
    • Ajaxteam : 
      • HUrr!c4nE


  • MLA (Muslim Liberation Army) : 
    • Hitcher
  • ZHC (Zcompany Hacking Crew) 
    • Jih4d
    • ExDeaTH
  • TheHackersArmy :
    • Tha Rude
  • Mauritania HaCker Team :
    • Mauritania Attacker
    • Deto Beiber
    • BØo nAs
    • Java Jee
    • Scrypts Sniper
  • Moroccan Hackers :
    • BilalSbXtra
    • Dr.SaMiM-008
    • SAW-19
    • T-V!rus
    • Morrocan Injctor
    • #Riad
  • Khorasan Hackers Army 
  • Anonymous Algeria
  • Turkish Hackers
  • The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam cyber fighters Team 

The official Twitter for #OpUSA is @OpUSA_2013. American cyberspace is much bigger than Israels and there are many more targets than there was with Israel, so there is no doubt that more damage will be done by the hackers, if they are successful what they aimed for.

We try to connect and confirm and take comments from hackers using various sources that are participating in #OpUSA

Mauritania HaCker Team says,

 “We are not against the USA or its people, but against their government. This time it gonna be special and we gonna do more damage than the opIsrael.”

X-BLACKERZ INC comments,

“After Israel as the killer in America, Expect us!”

Ajaxteam says,

“Muslims are the best of the net Expect hard days in America and Israel “

Moroccan Hackers  say,

“USA must expect Muslims ! must stop supporting israel, must give freedom to people in Afghanistan and Iraq…
Muslims Are Not Terrorist.
We will fight with our brains.

Khorasan Hackers Army Team  says,


MLA (Muslim Liberation Army)  says,

“Israel= USA so #OpIsrael = #OpUSA US and NATO Forces are involved in organized but chary of the human race since its inception.
They overthrow governments of sovereign nations and they undermine, threaten, refuse to recognize and seek to destroy democratically elected governments like they are in Gaza, Palestine.”

Anonymous Tunisia says,

 “It’s Time to get into real action and show US what we got !”
” We are ready for war”

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