#OpIsrael: Israel Stock Exchange under Cyber Attack by Anonymous

Israel Stock Exchange Website (www.tase.co.il) is taken down by Anonymous hackers for #OpIsrael. A massive Ddoss attack launched by Anonymous hackers have also taken down Top Israeli Govt Sites.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv is Israel’s only stock exchange taken down by Anonymous hackers. Israel Stock Exchange also suffered with the massive cyber attack launched against Israel by the hackers. At the time of writing, the website displaying Access Denied with the message showing above.

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Other sites that are under sophisticated ddos attack by anonymous hacker can be found below with the current status of the website either UP or Down, at the time of writing.
Supreme Court of Israel  - Down


Israel Intelligence Agency  -Down

President of Israel Website   -Down


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel   -UP


Ministry of Defense, Israel  -Down


The Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel  -Down


http://www.education.gov.il/ -Down
http://www.environment.gov.il/  -UP
http://www.gca.gov.il/ -UP
http://www.gpo.gov.il/  -UP
http://brainpower.co.il/    -Down