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#OperationKorea: Hana Bank of Korea Hacked, Database leaked

hana bank Famous Hackers with the handle DigitalBoysUG have hacked the Hana Bank of Korea website ( under Anonymous flag and named the operation #Operation Korea. Hackers leaked Staff Credentials online. The hackers announced the hack and leaked information on twitter handle and posted the leaked credentials on pastebin. Targeted Site: Leaked Information: The leaked information […] Continue reading →

Anonymous Hacker Barrett Brown’s Mother Faces Prison For Hiding Evidences

Barret Brown The mother of alleged Anonymous hacker Barrett Brown has pleaded guilty to helping her son hide two laptop computers from federal investigators. RT reports, Karen McCutchin, Brown’s mother pleaded guilty last week to a charge of obstructing the execution of a search warrant. She could face a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison and a $100,000 fine. […] Continue reading →

Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad Down by Sektor404, 30K Agents Info Leaked by Anonymous

Mossad The Official Website of National Intelligence Agency of Israel ( - Mossad Down by #Sektor404 and 30K Agents Info leaked by Anonymous, RedHack and PLF under the operation called #OpIsrael. The Hackers launched a Sophisticated Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the Mossad official website and it get down by the hackers. The Hacker tweeted […] Continue reading →

Philippines National Telecommunications Commission hacked by Anonymous Philippines and PrivateX

Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) website ( has been hacked and defaced by Anonymous Philippines and PrivateX. Hackers left message for President Aquino for their pro malaysian attitude.Site is still defaced, at the time of writing. Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) website has been defaced collectively by the hackers going with the handle Anonymous Philippines and […] Continue reading →

Philippines President Website Hacked by Anonymous Philippines

Philippines President's website hacked by Anonymous Philippines President official website hacked by Anonymous Philippines early Thursday. Hackers also hacked other Philippines govt sites and criticized President’s Sabah conflict handling. Anatomy of attack is not known. It seems that hackers exploited SQL injection flaw on the president website and managed to upload their message. The hacker group left a message to the […] Continue reading →

#opLastResort: Anonymous hackers hacks National Association of Federal Agents

National-Association-of-Federal-Agents-Hacked-by-Anonymous Anonymous hackers hacked and defaced The official website of the National Association of Federal Agents ( as part of the campaign called #opLastResort. At the time of writing, DNS records are pulled out. Hacked Site: National Association of Federal Agents hacked Defaced by #Anonymous #OpLastResort — OpLastResort (@OpLastResort) February 21, 2013 At the time […] Continue reading →

US Sentencing Commission website hacked Anonymous

videoaarons-youtube-arkangel-still-80.n Anonymous hacktivists defaced and hijacked the US Sentencing Commission website ( as a personal fight against the United States  justice system that threatened to imprison web activist Aaron Swartz, who recently committed suicide. The website was hacked early Saturday and a message was placed saying that “a line was crossed” when Swartz killed himself two weeks ago. Two weeks […] Continue reading →