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Top 10 Must Watch Movies for Hackers

Hackers 1996 Normally people watch movies for entertainment purposes. Some people watch movies to get inspired. Movies on Hacking or Hackers life are rarely directed. However, we compiled a list of movies that are based on Hacking, Social engineering and Espionage. The movie listed below are the top 10 hacking motivational and inspirational movies for hackers/security people. […] Continue reading →

Android OS New Version Android L to offer Data Encryption By Default

android L Search Engine Giant Google has confirmed on Thursday that the next version of Android will encrypt data by default. This will prevent both thieves and law enforcement officials to gain access to personal information running the mobile operating system. Optional encryption has been present in some devices since 2011, but,  according to security experts, only […] Continue reading →

[Infographic] Why Americans Hate Their Internet Service Providers

Why american hate internet The one reason Americans hate their Internet Service Providers Dish Network, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable or Comcast is because of treating them badly on call for help. According to American Consumer Satisfaction Index(ACSI), ISP’s have the lowest customer experience score for call center satisfaction. Below is the Infographic that describes Top 5 reasons that americans […] Continue reading →