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W3Schools XSS vulnerability Found by the youngest Security Researcher

w3schools A Pakistani Student “Ali Hasan Ghauri” (AHPT) who is 14 years old, The Youngest Security Researcher has discovered XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Vulnerability on http://www.w3schools.com main site. Below is the Screen Shot of XSS. The Youngest Pakistani Security Researcher “Ali Hasan Ghauri” (AHPT) also Found Vulnerabilities on Big Tech Sites on Skype , Adobe, Asia Cnet, […] Continue reading →

British Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg Hacked by Tunisian Cyber Army

Tusnisian Cyber army The official website of the British Chamber of Commerce  for Luxembourg has been breached and 900 user information has been leaked by the Tunisian Cyber Army. The hacker called this operation: #OpMali. Sophisticated attack announced by Hackers on their official Twitter account. Targeted Site: http://www.bcc.lu/ Hackers found SQL Injection vulnerability on the targeted site and […] Continue reading →

Uzbekistan National Television and Radio Company hacked by CloneSecurity

Uzbekistan’s National Television and Radio Company ( mtrk.uz ) has been hacked by a hacker going with the handle @CloneSecurity for the operation called #OpAntiLAGMON and #OpWhereisSecurity. The hack is announced by the hacker on his official twitter account. Deface Message: Defaced by Clone Security..#OpAntiLAGMON and #OpWhereisSecurity, The news you spread are lies! you have been […] Continue reading →

17 Chinese arrested for Cyber crime

cyber crimes The Philippine police last week arrested a group of 15 Chinese women and 2 men in Makati city. This group was arrested on behalf of a fraudulent activity they carried out over the internet successfully. After week of thorough investigations the police declared this group criminals after which the Chinese police was after, according to […] Continue reading →

Avast announces Bug Bounty Program

Bug Bounty Program Avast announced the launch of the company’s new security bug bounty program, according to a recent post on avast. Avast will be offering bounties to security researchers for disclosing vulnerabilities in its products. We at Avast take this very seriously. We know that being a market leader (Avast has more users than any other AV […] Continue reading →

3 nabbed for spreading Gozi Virus

Gozi Virus U.S police force arrested three criminals who are said to be involved in the uprising of one of the deadliest virus online i.e. The Gozi virus. The Gozi virus since 2005 has affected more than 40,000 computers in the U.S. That belonged to many leading commercial and government centers, NASA is one of them. The […] Continue reading →