1337day hacked by Injector & Sec4ever

1337day - Big Security site have been hacked and left defaced by two hackers, goes by the handle Injector & Sec4ever.
Hacked Domains:
  •  http://1337day.org
  • http://1337day.net
hacked by the injector
The defacement carry’s no real messages besides an email for the administration to contact the hackers on.
It’s worth noting that 1337day.com appears to be working fine. On the other hand, 1337day.org and 1337day.net are still defaced.
1337Day representatives say that the defaced domains are just mirrors of the website. They blame their domain registrar for the incident and say they’re in the process of moving to another company.

“We have many mirrors for 1337day.com because our domains usually face ban. Mirrors are not 1337day.com. inj3ct0r.com and 1337db.com got suspended by domain registers and 1337day.com is banned in many institutes. So we have many mirrors so those users can access us,” they explained.