Viproy 2.0 - VoIP Penetration Testing and Exploitation Kit


Viproy - a VoIP Penetration Testing Kit provides penetration testing modules for VoIP networks. It supports signalling analysis for SIP and Skinny protocols, IP phone services and network infrastructure.

Viproy 2.0 is released at Blackhat Arsenal USA 2014 with TCP/TLS support for SIP, vendor extentions support, Cisco CDP spoofer/sniffer, Cisco Skinny protocol analysers, VOSS exploits and network analysis modules. Furthermore, Viproy provides SIP and Skinny development libraries for custom fuzzing and analyse modules.

Current testing modules:
SIP Register
SIP Invite
SIP Message
SIP Negotiate
SIP Options
SIP Subscribe
SIP Enumerate
SIP Brute Force
SIP Trust Hacking
SIP UDP Amplification DoS
SIP Proxy Bounce
Skinny Register
Skinny Call
Skinny Call Forward
VOSS Call Forwarder (September 2014)
VOSS Speed Dial Manipulator (September 2014)
Cisco CDP Spoofer

How to Test Voip Pentest Kit:

VulnVOIP is vulnerable SIP server, you can use it for tests and this will help you to prepare the test network. The test network tutorial is available here.

Download Viproy v2.0

You can download Viproy v2.0 from here.