Nigerian Cyber Army hacks 14 US websites

A Nigerian hacker with the alias R3D-spear, a crew member of Nigerian Cyber Army hacked and defaced the 14 US websites. All websites was defaced at the time of writing.

The hacker did not deface the main page of the websites but added a static page with the name rOOt.html to the root of the website. Currently, the defaced pages exist and did not remove by the admins of the websites.

List of Hacked Sites:

Some mirrors of the hack on zone-h:

There is no specific deface message left by the hacker on the deface page. You can find the complete note below:

Deface Message:

Here u g0 Admin! Sites Owned,
Security Just An Illusion to us
Note:we will be Back
Ok Listen! Let’s Get This Clear! Have a Look @ Ur SecuitY BitcheZ :D
We are Security Breakers And We comprise even the most secure Sites So fix your Security .
We will be back
And To fuck Your Ass
& Feel Some Shame Admin =))
./LogginG OuT

More details with complete mirrors on the hack can be found on a doc by the hacker.