NYU launches Worldwide Hacking Competition For Students

nyu hacking competition

The NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has opened registration for the largest hacking competition. This is specially for offers US students to participate and win cybersecurity-based scholarships and prizes, ZDNet reports.

Last year over fifteen thousand students participated and many qualified the preliminary rounds in order to reach the finals in six separate competitions.
This year is the 11th Cyber Security Awareness Week event.This year there are special prizes for students who qualify in preliminary hacking rounds, they get chance to travel to Brooklyn, NYC to compete for scholarships and prizes.

November 13-15 the finals will take place

Yahoo’s chief information security officer Alex Stamos will be in attendance, and will deliver the keynote address during the Finalist Reception on November 13. Stamos’s talk, “Shaping the Future: Spies, Cyber Crimes, and Your Career,” will explore historical and ethical debates within the field, as well as discuss his own experiences in protecting the data of Yahoo users. Stamos commented,

“A career in information security has never held so much promise or peril. New members of the security community have the opportunity to build systems that bring trust and innovation into the lives of billions.”

Twenty institutions ready to sponser the security week inculding the US Department of Homeland Security, Yahoo, Facebook, the National Security Agency (NSA), Microsoft and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.