Shahrukh Khan Official Site Hacked by Hackers

Official fan site of Shahrukh Khan hacked and defaced by hackers collectively going with the handles DarkSnipper, Soul~Inj3ctor, Error Haxor to protest Indian Government against Afzal Guru death. At the time of writing, site is still defaced.Deface Page:

Shahrukh Khan Hacked

Pakistani Hackers Identifying themselves with DarkSnipper |Soul~Inj3ctor |Error Haxor| have hijacked the Official Fan site of Shahrukh Khan and posted message to protest the death of Afzal Guru to the Indian Government.

Hackers have been continuously hacking Indian Site to raise awareness about Afzal Guru’s death and its causes. Recently, BJP Site Hacked, ZHC Hacked Geo Tv and others Indian government sites for the same purpose.

Hacked Site:

Mirror of the Hacked Site:

At the time of writing, website is still defaced.