5 most expensive Android apps and games on Play Store

Free Android apps and games are insanely popular on google play store. There are paid apps and games as well that most people purchase and download. In this article, we will cover 5 most expensive apps and games on play store. These kind of apps are usually taken down. you might not find an app written in this article. Its worth noting that the maximum price you can charge in the Google Play Store for an app is 200$.

1. Deduce – Grandmaster Edition [Price: $200]

Deduce-iconDeduce is a game that touts itself as being faster than tic-tac-toe and more complicated than chess and can be enjoyed by people ages four to 104 years old. Of course you’d have to be one of those two ages to want to pay that much money for this game. It features very minimal graphics and a menu interface that came straight from the hottest UI trends of 1994. Each player can only make 8 moves per game and can win a match by winning six games by a margin of two. It’s essentially a chess game where every piece is a queen. There is also a non-Grandmaster Edition for $0.99.


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