Israeli Hacker Retaliates, Hacks Website

Israeli Hackers Retaliates on #OpIsrael, Website hacked by an Israeli Hacker with the handle EhIsR.

As the whole world is busy in #OpIsrael and hacked hundreds of thousands of Israeli websites and it goes on. Israeli hackers come up as a defense and hacked website and started protesting against #OpIsrael

Hacked Website:

Israeli hackers with the handle Israeli Elite defaced Pakistani websites in retaliation.

List of hacked sites by Israeli hacker:

  • james kodjo graham

    I think hacking should be made illegal worlwide in all jurisdictions in all languages

  • james kodjo graham

    To all lawyers out there especially in the UK join the rest of the world to reduce illegal hackingoverthe internet and offline for electronic theft is liberality

  • james kodjo graham

    Legal softracy is better than the hacking business

  • james kodjo graham

    Hey Arab hackers enough of Israel bashing go straight to the hacking of the Uunited states.

  • james kodjo graham

    Otherwise the Jews will strike like in the six day war of the1967 with serious computercconsequences

    SoLet US unite both Arabs Jews Africans and let us make the worldwide web and internet safe for all our children now in the2013 and beyond.
    Peace unto Palestine and PeaceSSyria

  • james kodjo graham

    .il faut illegalisez le hacking sur internet.en Francais