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Vulnerability vulnerable to SQL Injection

Indian Ethical Hackers found a SQL injection flaw at Sify( SQLi Vulnerability still exist in the site. Ethical Hackers from India found a SQL Injection vulnerability at the high profile website According to Ethical Hackers, they reported bug to site administration but they didnot respond to the vulnerability. Website: Vulnerable link:  […] Continue reading →

Adobe Vulnerable to XSS flaw

adobe vulnerable to XSS One of the subdomain ( of Abode site is vulnerable to XSS. The vulnerability is still not fixed by Adobe. Ethical hackers reported vulnerability a few days ago but they failed to respond. We got email from Ethical Indians. Since the Bug Bounty Program started by companies, hackers are continually hunting different types of vulnerabilities of different […] Continue reading →

W3Schools XSS vulnerability Found by the youngest Security Researcher

w3schools A Pakistani Student “Ali Hasan Ghauri” (AHPT) who is 14 years old, The Youngest Security Researcher has discovered XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Vulnerability on main site. Below is the Screen Shot of XSS. The Youngest Pakistani Security Researcher “Ali Hasan Ghauri” (AHPT) also Found Vulnerabilities on Big Tech Sites on Skype , Adobe, Asia Cnet, […] Continue reading →

Symantec PGP Desktop Zero Day Vulnerability

Zero-Day Vulnerability in Symantec Symantec product PGP Whole Disk Encryption which is used to encrypt all the contents on the disk on a block-by-block basis having Zero-Day Vulnerability, Exploitation of this issue allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code within the kernel. An attacker would need local access to a vulnerable computer to exploit this vulnerability.according to a pastebin note. Note […] Continue reading →