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Pakistani Hackers

Pakistan Meteorological department website hacked by XerXes

Pak Cyber Crew Official website and subdomains of pakistan Meteorological department is hacked by a hacker with the handle XerXes from Pak Cyber Crew. Web attack type is unknown. It seems that hacker exploited the vulnerability on the server and managed to deface the websites.The offical site with 8 others subdomains were hacked. Hacked websites: […] Continue reading →

Pakistan Ministry of Interior( Gets Hacked by Anonymous Hackers, Protests Fake Elections

Interior Ministry Pakistan Hacked Today, Pakistan Ministry of Interior has been hacked and defaced by some unknown hackers on the Defence Day of Pakistan. Attack anatomy is unkonwn, but its clear that hacker successfully managed to hack into the Server of Interior Ministry and defaced the index of the site. The hacker mocked at the Interior Minister (Ch Nisar […] Continue reading →

Indian Politician LK ADVANI Official Site Gets Hacked by Muhammad Bilal - Team Pak Cyber Experts

LK Advani Site hacked Today, The official website of a leading Indian Politician LK ADVANI has been hacked by a Pakistani hacker “Muhammad Bilal” from Team Pak Cyber Experts. LK ADVANI is a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - India’s current ruling political party. The hacker “Muhammad Bilal” is famous for hacking & destroying Indian servers […] Continue reading →

Indian State Owned Telco BSNL gets Hacked by Ch3rn0by1 Hacker

bsnl hacked The official domain of Indian state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL gets hacked by the Pakistani hacker with the handle Ch3rn0by1. The Ch3rn0by1 hacker is a crew member of P4K M4D HUNT3RS hacking group. The hacked domains belong to BSNL’s Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC), Ahmedabad. There is no specific reason mentioned […] Continue reading →