Pakistan Meteorological department website hacked by XerXes

Official website and subdomains of pakistan Meteorological department is hacked by a hacker with the handle XerXes from Pak Cyber Crew.

Pak Cyber Crew

Web attack type is unknown. It seems that hacker exploited the vulnerability on the server and managed to deface the websites.The offical site with 8 others subdomains were hacked.

Hacked websites:

Hack Mirrors(Proof of Hack):

The hacked wrote a message on the deface to Prime minister pakistan to stop The killing of peacefull protesters. The hacker writes,

“If Prime Minister does not stop killings, and resigns then the situation will be going more bad. “

More than 50 Government site hacked since last two weeks as a protest. The hackers also hacked state owned site PTV(Pakistan Television Site) and Interior ministry as a protest.

At the time of writing, The website was defaced and showing the message left by the hacker.

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