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#OpisraelBirthday - Educational Websites and Govt Emails Hacked By AnonGhost

opisraelbirthday AnonGhost, the hacktivists who are famous for Cyber Operations against Israel and also famous for OpUSA and #opPetrol has hacked and defaced Israeli educational and govt websites under the banner #OpIsraelBirthday. #OpIsraelBirthday is planned on 7 April 2014, by AnonGhost team to hit Israeli cyber space. This is not the first operation launched against Israel […] Continue reading →

400 Israeli Websites hacked by AnonGhost under #OpIsraelReborn

OpIsraelReborn AnonGhost, the hacktivists who are famous for Cyber Operations against Israel has hacked and defaced 400 Israeli websites with credit card credentials leakage under the banner #OpIsraelReborn. #OpIsraelReborn was planned by AnonGhost team to hit Israeli cyber space on 11 september. Mauritania Attacker during interview told, we gonna achieve achieve something big. Last we achieved, […] Continue reading →

After #OpIsrael, Now #OpIsrael Reborn on 11 September 2013 by AnonGhost

#OpIsraelReborn Mauritania Attacker - The founder of AnonGhost, The Pro Hacker Group known for its Cyber Operations against Israel starting Cyber War against Israel again under the operation called #OpIsraelReborn with the aim to target central servers and financial institutions of Israel. In talk with The Hackers Post, Mauritania Attacker told that they will initiate the […] Continue reading →

iPod Israel Website Hacked by Green-H Team

Green-H Team Moroccan Hackers from Green-H Team has hacked and defaced iPod Israel Website ( under the operation called #OpIsrael. The site is still defaced. Below is the snapshot of the deface page.Deface Page: It seems that hackers are still hacking Israeli websites under the #OpIsrael that was started on 7th of April. The Hackers are from […] Continue reading →

#OpIsrael: Ministry of Health Israel hacked, Database leaked

Ministry of health Israel Ministry of Health Website ( hacked and Database leaked by  Kosova Hacker’s Security for #OpIsrael. Hackers leaked database of the website online. The hackers posted the leaked database link on twitter account. See Also: Israel Military Secret Documents leaked by Latin Hack Team Attacked Website: The leaked database contains username and plain passwords […] Continue reading →

#OpIsrael: AnonGhost Hits Israel Cyber Space

AnonGhost Infamous hacker group AnonGhost has hacked and defaced various Israeli websites under the operation called #OpIsrael. Most of the Sites are restored now.Deface Page: The hackers left a message on the hacked website warning Israel to Stop violence again Ghaza.Compete deface message can be found below. “Don’t Panic Israel ! These are just some Bombs […] Continue reading →

#OpIsrael: Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures (MNI) have been breached and defaced by Hitcher

muslim liberation army Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures (MNI) have been defaced by Hitcher The hackers from Muslim liberation Army have defaced two sub-domains of Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures (MNI), The hack is done for #OpIsrael to show support to the Palestine people who are under massive air strikes by the Israeli air force.  The hacker said in the defacement […] Continue reading →