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The Official NUST SEECS subdomain hacked by Hasnain Haxor

hacked by haxor hasnain The official subdomain of NUST SEECS has been hacked and defaced by a hacker with the handle  “Hasnain Haxor“. The hacker is from the hacking group Pakistan Haxors Crew (PHC). NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS, formerly NUST Institute of Information Technology, is the biggest and top school in Islamabad, Pakistan. Mobilink Career Blog, FATA secretariat […] Continue reading →

Free Online Translator Website gets hacked by Xploiters Crew

Xploiters Crew Today, gets hacked and defaced by infamous Bank hackers Xploiters Crew. Translate is a free online translator that provides instant and accurate translations between 75 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more. The hackers did not deface the main page of the website. Instead, hackers added a static […] Continue reading →

Microsoft hacked with other Rwanda high profile domains against US military operations

the hackers army The hacking group with the handle “The Hackers Army” has hijacked the Rwanda top level domains that includes Microsoft, Ibm, American Express, Aol, Bbc, Coca Cola, Coke, Discovery Channel, Fanta, Fedex, Mastercard, Nec, Nike, Norton, Orange, Philips, Qubee, Register and Rolls-roycee. It’s not clear how this attack was carried out, but it may have involved compromising the […] Continue reading →

National Health Service UK websites Hacked by h4x0r HuSsY

H4x0r HuSsY Two official subdomains of National Health Service UK has been hacked and defaced by the hacker with the alias h4x0r HuSsY, a member of Madleets security team. For now websites are restored and working properly. Hacked Sites: There is no specific reason mentioned by the hacker of the hack. “SECURITY BREACHED BY TEAM MADLEETS” […] Continue reading →

The official website of Pakistan International airline PIA hacked by Ch3rn0by1

PIA hacked Today, the official website subdomain of Pakistan International Airlines ( has been hacked and defaced by Ch3rn0by1 hacker from P4K M4D HUNT3RS hacking group. The hacked site belongs to the call center of the Pakistan International Airlines. There is no specific reason of the hack by the hacker. Hacker has just given greets to the […] Continue reading →