Tribler BitTorrent Client Version 6.3.1 Released, Now Becomes Anonymous

A new Tribler version released 6.3.1 and it includes new features, fixes bug as well as work towards anonymous streaming (using a built-in Tor-like network).


Tribler is an open source, decentralized peer-to-peer client based on the BitTorrent protocol, supported by EU and Dutch research funding. The application includes features such as wiki-style channels, video-on-demand and more and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Anonymous BitTorrent
The Tribler team wants their application to use truly anonymous streaming with the help of a built-in Tor-like network which routes all data through a series of peers - “Tribler users then become their own Tor network helping each other to hide their IP-addresses through three encrypted proxies”, notes TorrentFreak.

“Adding three layers of proxies gives you more privacy. Three layers of protection make it difficult to trace you. Proxies no longer need to be fully trusted. A single bad proxy can not see exactly what is going on.

The first proxy layer encrypts the data for you and each next proxy adds another layer of encryption. You are the only one who can decrypt these three layers correctly. Tribler uses three proxy layers to make sure bad proxies that are spying on people can do little damage.”

Tribler doesn’t anonymize streaming yet (except the 50mb test download included in this release). The plan is to achieve anonymous streaming with version 6.4 and anonymous seeding starting with version 6.5.

Tribler 6.3.1 Anonymous Features
The latest Tribler 6.3.1 includes various bits which should eventually lead to anonymous streaming in a future release:

1. Tor-like anonymous tunnel building, based on UDP
2. Support for Cell,Create,Extend, and Ping Tor protocol messages
3. Diffie-Hellman session key exchange
4. Real-time crawler for bandwidth performance (inspired by
5. Decentralized directory service for Tor-like routers
6. Automatic anonymous 50MByte test download using new Tor-like protocol
7. No general anonymous downloads yet, trial-only
Download Tribler
Click Here to Download Tribler - available for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X