Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad Down by Sektor404, 30K Agents Info Leaked by Anonymous

The Official Website of National Intelligence Agency of Israel ( - Mossad Down by #Sektor404 and 30K Agents Info leaked by Anonymous, RedHack and PLF under the operation called #OpIsrael.

The Hackers launched a Sophisticated Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the Mossad official website and it get down by the hackers.

The Hacker tweeted about the Mossad Site Down and 30K Agents Data on twitter account.

Mossad Down by #sektor404 and 30k users agent leaks by/ #Anonymous / #RedHack /……
— RedHack ★ (@TheRedHack) March 22, 2013

The Hackers called this attack #OpIsrael. A massive Operation against Israel Starting on 7th of April by Various hacktivists from all over the world with the aim to erase Israel from the world wide web.  Many Hackers Unite & Join Hands Togather against Israel, Full Post can be found here.

Hackers don’t wait, whenever get time, they attack & hack.

The Hackers Posted Links of Leaked Agents Info on twitter accounts.

The Leaked Agents Data Links Can be Found Below:

It is not clear, how hackers managed to get agents data & from where they get data. But looking at the excel file,The leaked data contains ID, FirstName, LastName, IDNumber, Email, Address1, City, Zip, State, Phone, Phone2, Fax of the Mossad Agents.

At the time of writing, Mossad site is up and working fine.

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