Top Indian Politician Rajesh Tope Website Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

The official website of Top Indian Politician Rajesh Tope has been hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers Groups Xploiters Crew. The website is still defaced at the time of reporting.

Today, The official website of Rajesh Tope - An Indian Politician, who is a Minister for Higher and Technical education Maharashtra, Mumbai hacked by Pakistani Hackers on the Independence day of Pakistan. The hacker left a long message for the Indian Army, Public, Media, Politician and Indian Hackers on the deface page.

Hacked Site:

Mirror of the Hacked Website:

The Hacker left a message for the Indian Army:
With Love to our Great Pakistan Army
Message for Indian Army , If You Sheeps and Bitches even think to cross the border and attack Pakistan , Come and Try us , We are waiting , We will destroy your fuckin lame army like we destroyed Russia . We’re Watching You Bitches ! . Your Intelligence RAW and CBI is nothing infront of our loving ISI. ISI is still No.1 Intellingence agency arround the globe ! Why You Bitches forget Gori , SHaheen , Abdali , Khataf , Babar massiles before barking about Pakistan ! Do you need BamboOo ? You sheeps think you got atom bomb and you are destroy Pakistan within hours ? Oh bitches go and Fuck yourself If you think to fire atom bomb Keep it in mind your own half country will be fucked ! But We can Fire it on india having zero damage , more over you sheeps forget your 80% atomic system depend on air crafts , your army don’t have guts to face new hundreds of MM.Alam who will knock you down in dog fight but don’t forget our 90% atomic system is based on massile delivery system we can fuck you any time , Think 10 times before attacking Pakistan !

The complete message left by the hacker for Indian Media, Public, Politicians and Indian hackers can be found below.

We are Here on behalf of 21 Crore Pakistanis !
This is Our 1st and Last warning to Indian Sheeps , Back off Motha fuckaz
Every Time when Ever you Bitches try to Attack Pak Cyber Space You Sheeps Got Fucked Badly What U Think who are you? fuckin superman or Ironman You are Nothing More than Street Rats and Sheeps You are Nation of Rapist , fashist , racist , Your own Army rapes your sisters , your Mothers , your Navy exchanges Wifes Your sisters got raped publically in Busses , Go and secure your sister and mom from your own Brothers then think about attacking Pak , Keep it in mind, in India Hackers are manufectured but in Pakistan Hackers are born ! feel the differance Next Time if you try to attack Our Borders or Cyber Space we will Fuck your Economy by Hitting your Banks , Forex , Exchangers and corporation as well as leaking customers detail and fucking credit cards , This will be The worse Face of Cyber attack which you will ever face when We will Leak 50 thousand indian credit cards , many of you hindus will sucide as there saving will be fucked , Scare from that fuckin day ! you bitches have no idea how deep we are in your ass , Stay away be save from we ghosts

Messege for Indian Script Kiddies:- You’r just a bunch of n00bs ! LOL ! You n00bs thought that we’re dead ? No one will responce to your cybe rattacks , Go and fuck yourself noob We’re Here to defend our Country ! We’re here to responce you sheeps for recent Cyber attacks on 14 august! We’re Stronger than You ! We’re better than You ! We’re watching you All Bitches but waiting for the right time to fuck your mom !Never Mess With Us !

Message For Indian Media :- y0 Bitches whats uP! Keep on barking we don’t give a damn fuck to you , Grew up and Be mature Fucking lamers

Message for Indian Public:- Fuck your media , Fuck your Gov , They miss guide you just for Public rating and for popularity , Fuck them
~ Mess With the Best Now Die like the Rest ~
Spacial Fuck goes to every indian politician for there public stunts

At the time of reporting, website is still defaced and showing the message left by the hacker.