Daily Dot News Portal Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army as Challenge

Pro Syrian Hackers - Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Daily Dot News portal site (www.dailydot.com) and removed the article regarding Tango messaging application hack containing caricature of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

daily dot hacked
Syrian Electronic Army on their official twitter handle gave warning to dailydot to remove the published article on tango application hack that contains caricature of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Dailydot administration refused to remove the article.
The hacker broke into the admin panel of the daily dot website and removed the article. Below is the picture of administration panel of daily dot news portal site.
dailydot new adminpanel
The hacker managed to break into one of editorial email account, accessed the admin panel and removed the article from the website. Below is the picture of the removed article from the website. Website showing 404 - Not Found error message on the page
daily dot article removed