Iran Hacks and Brings Down Spy Drone During WarGames

Iran has claimed to hack and bring down a surveillance drone spying on it during a military exercise with the name Payambar-e Azam 8 on Saturday.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted a hacking operation on foreign surveillance during the first day of military exercises going on with the name of Payambar-e Azam 8 (The Great Prophet 8).

Islamic Republic News Agency reports that Iran’s General Hamid Sarkheili who is also a spokesman for Payambar-e Azam 8 war games told the media that surveillance drone was hacked outside the military exercise zone.

General Hamid stated that

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps are keeping an eye on every spy drone movements in far distance and that’s how the suspicious drone movement was observed, controlled and hacked down by the use of electronic war.”

This is not the first time when Iran has taken down a spy drone, in 2011 Iran took down an American surveillance drone flying over Iran illegally.

General Hamid Sarkheili claims that

“IRGC drones are now monitoring the movements of the hypothetical enemy in the wargame zone, while electronic warfare units are wiretapping enemy communications.”

Iran didn’t accuse or mentioned any country of spying via drone. However, Iran has accused US of spying over its Nuclear Power Stations for a long time.