Famous Hacking Forum Hackforums.net Hacked by Eg-R1z

Today, Famous Egyptian Hacker with the handled Eg-R1z has hacked the popular hacking forum hackforums.net.

hackforums hacked by Eg-r1z

This is not the first time hackforums has been hacked, before it was hacked by various hackers imLulzPirate, b0x, SYRIAN-HACKER and KTN.

It is unclear, how hackers managed to get into server. On the deface page, The image is hosted on hacked server which shows that the hacker penetrated into the web server and defaced the website.

Reason of the attack is unknown. It seems that hacker just exploited the flaw and defaced the website.

Defaced Message:

“[403 Forbidden Error] - You might be blocked by your IP, Country, or ISP.” That’s really nasty msg guys , don’t u think so?!
Just sending greets from Egypt
i-Hmx , H3ll C0D3 , Egyptian.H4x0rZ
./Eg-R1z Cr3w

Hacked Site:

Zone-h mirror(Proof of Hack):